2024 Acura ZDX | Specs, Review, Performance & Pricing

2024 Acura ZDX | Specs, Review, Performance & Pricing
2024 Acura ZDX | Specs, Review, Performance & Pricing

Acura is starting its transition to an electric future by bringing back the ZDX moniker. The redesigned 2024 ZDX SUV is expected to have a more conventional two-box SUV form, in contrast to the original ZDX, which made its debut for the 2010 model year with a fastback style that was maybe ahead of its time. The Precision EV Concept, which made its public premiere at Monterey Car Week in 2022, served as a preview of the future SUV. Interesting aesthetic features include the concept’s floating top, smooth body sides, and light-up grille. The inside consists of aspects we believe the production car won’t be able to pull off, such as a transparent infotainment system and a tiny yoke-style steering wheel. 

The ZDX is the result of a collaboration between General Motors and Acura’s parent firm Honda; it will use GM’s Ultium battery. According to earlier sources, the Acura would be produced at GM’s Spring Hill, Tennessee, assembly facility alongside the Cadillac Lyriq SUV. That gives us an idea of the ZDX’s powertrain: a 340-horsepower, rear-mounted electric motor in base form, with the prospect of a 500-horsepower, all-wheel drive variation as an upgrade—possibly sporting a Type S badge. 

What’s New in 2024 Acura ZDX

If the ZDX line follows the trim levels of Acuras with internal combustion engines, we should see a choice of models with rising levels of performance and technology. Most likely, the Type S will be the top-of-the-line vehicle, and we’re eager to learn more about what an electric version of Acura’s outstanding performance trim can do. 


We anticipate seeing rear- and all-wheel drive powerplant options ranging from 340 to 500 horsepower if the Cadillac Lyriq, the ZDX’s unexpected platform-mate, is any indication. Acura has stated that a ZDX Type S is in the works, and that vehicle may very well be the all-wheel drive model with the more powerful engine. Additional information will become available in the following weeks leading up to the ZDX’s selling date. 

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Range of 2024 Acura ZDX

The Ultium battery technology from GM will be used by the ZDX, which will most likely receive the same 102.0-kWh battery pack as the Lyriq. The Cadillac is claimed to get up to 312 miles of range from the battery, so the Acura should get a comparable number. 


Via: CarandDriver

We anticipate that the inside of the production ZDX will be more traditional than that of the Precision EV Concept vehicle. A typical, circular steering wheel will probably be used instead of the concept’s yoke-style one. We anticipate a two-row seating arrangement and the use of high-end interior materials, perhaps even some eco-friendly fabrics, to enhance the ZDX’s green appeal. 


The translucent display panels on the concept car may appear stylish and futuristic. Still, we anticipate that the real ZDX will have a more traditional infotainment screen and digital gauge display. We don’t yet know if the ZDX will employ a version of GM’s new Google-based system or Acura’s present software interface, which is operated by a touchpad. In either case, wireless connectivity for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is probably a given, and we anticipate Acura’s renowned ELS sound system to be an option. 


Electric performance meets elevated elegance in the first all-electric Acura ZDX, which will debut in 2024. The Acura ZDX Type S will continue to elevate Precision Crafted Performance to new heights while paving the path for the following Type S vehicles in the electrified age. Stay tuned to Auto Tech Portal for more automobile-related content.  

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