Why Did Nissan Kicks Fail In India – A Thread

The Nissan Kicks was launched in the Indian market in the year 2019. The company introduced the Nissan Kicks to replace the Nissan Terrano, and The Kicks also got a fresh look this year. But what are the factors which led to the downfall of this automobile? Let’s have a look at the most relevant factors. 

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Origin and Launch

Indian market noted a huge period in the release of the Nissan Terrano and the Nissan Kicks, a long gap of 6 years. The audience doubted the brand and its future value. Nissan failed to deliver a competitive price along with features. In contrast, the Kia Seltos performed much better than the Nissan Kicks even after being a new entry. 

The company only imported 4000 units in the year 2019. Comparatively, the Hyundai Creta sold more units in a single month. Initially, the audience was not interested in the vehicle, and the Nissan Kicks did not stand much far from its rivals. The Hyundai Creta and the Kia Seltos had shifted the Nissan Kicks in deep shadow. 

Diesel Sales 

Among the 4000 Nissan Kicks sold in the market, 70% were the diesel engine SUVs. After the BS6, the company turned its back on the diesel engine, and Kicks now offers only two petrol engine variants. First is the 1.3 Litre Turbo Petrol engine, and secondly, the 1.5 litres naturally aspirated engine, which is not up to the mark in terms of performance. 

Why Did Nissan Kicks Fail In India
Why Did Nissan Kicks Fail In India

Refinement Stages

The platform used for Nissan Kicks has been indirectly followed by Logan’s platform of the year 2006-2007. It was not suitable for a 2019 car because it was a very aged platform. The hardening of the clutch, NVH levels, and expected obstacles here. If we list, there are more cons in this automobile than pros. Making it a car-less preferred by buyers. Before the BS6 engine, the audience preferred the diesel engine. 

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Resale Value

The biggest factor which had put down the company was the resale value. A large audience in the Indian market is a set of pre-owned car buyers who did not find this comfortable. Thus people started losing faith in the manufacturer. It’s often noticed that if a car does not perform well in the market, the availability of the parts is very close to impossible. 

Service Network 

Nissan is not the best at its service Network. Kia, which entered the Indian market much later, has showcased itself much better in the service network department, and Nissan now has to regain customer confidence.


The Nissan Kicks is not the best choice in its segment; although it has some good features, it has lost its trust among the audience. Very low sales figures and other factors listed above point to its weakness. There is more value for money vehicles available in the segment. Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos are better options than Nissan Kicks. 


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