Top 5 Mahindra Scorpio N Features Missing on the 60 Lakh Toyota Fortuner

Mahindra Scorpio N is slated to launch on June 27 and this car will be more iconic than ever. Toyota Fortuner is a class apart on its own and comparing it to the Mahindra Scorpio N might seem like a drag but there are a couple of features you expect from a car that costs Rs 60 Lakh. So we have compiled a list of features that you get in the Mahindra Scorpio N and are missing in The Toyota Fortuner.

Top 5 Mahindra Scorpio N Features Missing on the 60 Lakh Toyota Fortuner
Top 5 Mahindra Scorpio N Features Missing on the 60 Lakh Toyota Fortuner


This feature is the most complained about in the Toyota Fortuner. When you are spending so much on a car and you don’t get the feature which is beloved by a lot of Indians, then it is a disappointment. Well Mahindra seems to have figured it out that the customer comes first and they listen. Mahindra Scorpio N will be getting an Electrical Sunroof at almost 1/4 th the price of Toyota Fortuner.

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Captain Seats

Another feature that makes your SUV Experience a luxury is the captain seats. Well the Toyota Fortuner misses out on this as well. Mahindra Scorpio N will be getting the captain seats for 2nd Row which will ensure maximum comfort and luxury for the customer.

Driver Drowsiness Alert

This feature should be compulsory in every vehicle, such is the importance of it. Driver Drowsiness Alert monitors the eye movement of the driver and detects when the driver is feeling sleepy. In response, the system starts making noises or some sort of alarm. In some cars, there is a sensation on the steering wheel to make the driver aware. When the driver doesn’t respond, the car comes to a halt automatically. Hence, another important feature that the Toyota Fortuner misses out on.

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3D Surround Audio System

This feature will be a blessing from the XUV 700 to the Scorpio N, it gives an immersive sound experience which is Eye candy for all music lovers. Toyota Fortuner does get a JBL music system but this Sony 3D Surround audio system is a class apart.

Multiple User Profiles

As a part of Mahindra’s Adrenox Connected car tech, the Scorpio would come furnished with the capability of permitting Multiple Users to make their own profiles. This could comprise of music, seat settings in addition to other things. In the event that various people utilize similar vehicle in a family, they will not need to exclusively change every one of the settings. This is one more comfort that the Toyota Fortuner passes up.

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Mahindra is leaving no stone unturned for the Scorpio N. It gets a whole list of features that the 60 Lakh Toyota Fortuner misses out on. Mahindra Scorpio N will be a sure shot success for Mahindra and we are super excited for its launch.

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