Mukesh Ambani’s Cadillac Escalade Spotted for the first time. 

Via: Cartoq

There are already many luxury and exotic SUVs in the garage of Mukesh Amban and now he has added an Escalade SUV to his collection. Currently, there is only one image of the Cadillac on the internet. It was shared on Instagram by Car Crazy India. Mukesh Ambani’s Cadillac Escalade is finished in lovely silver colour. 

Cadillac does not sell its vehicles in India on an official basis. So Mukesh Ambani must have imported it privately. 

Specifications of Mukesh Ambani’s Cadillac Escalade

The Escalade is one of the world’s biggest and worst SUVs. Its size, design, and Butch look speak for themselves. It grabs attention on the road. This SUV is massive. The grille and LED headlamps are extraordinarily visible. Additionally, Cadillac uses a lot of chrome to ensure it has enough bling to offer. 

Via: Cartoq 

Many celebrities use the Cadillac Escalade in Hollywood. The president also uses it. Few others in India own Escalades besides Ambani. Having such a huge SUV requires a large engine. Cadillac uses a 6.2-litre V8 engine that produces 420 bhp and 624 Nm of torque. 

The bad, bold and sexy SUV is easily one of the world’s biggest, most statement-making SUVs. Just the massive size of the Cadillac logo on the grill gives you an idea of how massive the car would be. 

Via: Cartoq (Another Cadillac Escalade in India)


The car’s specifications are almost like a vocal orchestra for its brilliant engineering, an absolute head-turner. For example, chrome all along the car’s body ensures enough shine when it passes by little rides. For more car related content, stay tuned to Auto Tech Portal.

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