How To Increase the Mileage of Your Car?

Every car owner dreams of increasing the mileage of his vehicle. Well, there’s no rocket science to Increase the Mileage of Your Car to improve your fuel efficiency. Manufacturers quote ARAI digits in their brochures, and those figures are monitored under ideal test conditions and not actual-world conditions. We live in a market obsessed with mileage, and the first question an average car buyer asks is ‘Kitna deti hai’?

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There is no need to make any modifications to your vehicle. Just follow these steps to improve the mileage of your car. 

 1. Coasting Techniques 

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Coasting is a simple technique to increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and decrease brake wear. When you are not accelerating, the kinetic energy produced by the car will move forward. Instead of accelerating constantly, you can use this momentum. For better understanding, let’s take help from an example; if you see a red light at a distance, accelerating towards it does not make any sense. Instead, you can let your car slide smoothly toward the traffic junction and allow the car to pause and reduce its speed on its own.

You must try to anticipate the movement of the cars surrounding you and utilise the energy already developed by your vehicle to cover the excess distance. 

2.  No AC = 30% More Mileage 

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Using the air conditioner on its maximum setting on a hot summer day can reduce your car’s average by 30 %, which it provides. To simplify things up, if you complete 500 km on a full tank of gas with the air conditioner on, you can approximately so almost 600 to 625 km with the Air Conditioner being switched off. It will not be comfortable to travel without air conditioning for such a long distance, but if you consider mileage an entire business, you have to lose the air conditioner. 

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3. Tyre Pressure 

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Tyre pressure plays a vital role in increasing the mileage of your automobile. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended Tyre pressure to increase your fuel efficiency. A vehicle without correct Tyre pressure will almost reduce 10%-15% less fuel efficiency. 

4. Right Gear Changes 

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Bursting acceleration suddenly can decrease your vehicle’s fuel efficiency quite drastically. I always prefer to accelerate in a quiet, gentle manner and then higher the gear, which would result in a better average. Your fuel efficiency will go up if you keep your RPM needle swinging between the 1500 – 2000 range. That is, drive at a speed of 89 kmph in 5th gear for most vehicles. 

5. Keep the Windows Closed 

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Rolling down your windows and losing your AC might not always be the most efficient way to drive your vehicle. The windblast resulting from the open windows will hamper the aerodynamics of your car, and you’ll end up burning more fuel and will put more stress on your engine at a higher speed. Opening the windows fully at a rate of 50 kmph will reduce your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. However, you can utilise your car’s blower for a ‘fresh air setting’ without switching on the air conditioner. 

6. Plan Your Route Beforehand To Increase the Mileage of Your Car

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Try to be less prone to stop your vehicle to receive a better average. Therefore, don’t mind taking a couple of extra kilometres in contrast to congested city roads. If you do so, you will still save fuel. To avoid frequent stoppages checkout your route options online before you initiate your trip and choose a one with lesser pauses. In addition, try avoiding driving in rush hours. You will put more stress on your vehicle’s clutch and stop traffic and reduce the fuel efficiency of your car. 

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7. Don’t Idle

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Idling your vehicle is getting 0 km. You end up going nowhere and burning your precious fuel pointlessly. Therefore, whenever you have to stop your car for more than 45 seconds, you must turn the vehicle off to save your energy and increase fuel efficiency. In addition, using an air conditioner while the car is idle decreases fuel efficiency drastically. 

8. Keep Your Vehicle Serviced To Increase the Mileage of Your Car

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Clean air filters, regular service and clean fuel filters will garnish your fuel efficiency by increasing it. A choked fuel and air filter will feed dirty fuel and air into the engine, reducing the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. 

9. Fuel Up in The Morning Also Helps To Increase the Mileage of Your Car

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According to Science, if you fuel up your vehicle in the morning, the lesser temperature will ensure that you receive more fuel for your buck due to better fuel density. 

10. Tanking Up = More Weight

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1 Litre of fuel equals 1 Kilogram of added weight, and more weight equals fuel burnt.

When you fill-up fuel, fill up halfway and try to keep your tank above a quarter full. However, this downside is that if your fuel runs low, you could put added stress on your car’s fuel pump. But still, a half-full tank may increase your mileage. ANYTHING FOR 20 KMPL.

Increase the Mileage of Your Car – Conclusion

Drive your vehicle efficiently, save fuel bills and save the environment. In addition, these pointers might be too extravagant and even Impractical for some readers. But you gotta do what you gotta do to receive 20 kmpl! For more automobile-related Content, stay tuned to Auto Tech Portal.


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