2022 Audi RS3 – Review, Engine, Performance, Mileage & Price

2022 Audi RS3 - Review, Engine, Performance, Mileage & Price
2022 Audi RS3 – Review, Engine, Performance, Mileage & Price


The fastest version of the company’s tiny luxury car is the 2022 Audi RS3, which features a powerful 401-hp turbocharged five-cylinder engine. The new RS version confronts high-to competitors like the BMW M2 coupe and Mercedes-AMG CLA45 sedan. It is based on the four-door Audi A3 and the sportier S3 but gifted with even greater power and improved chassis calibration. But the Audi RS3 has one of the most distinctive sounds in its class because of its unique engine. Audi appeals to audiences that value sportiness as much as luxury because of its finely creased sheet metal and sleek, tastefully furnished interior. 

What’s New in 2022 Audi RS3

The sportiest version of Audi’s smallest car is back for 2022 after a break for the 2021 model year. In the United States, the RS3 is entering its second generation and is heavily influenced by the wholly revamped A3 and S3. The A3 is powered by a 201-hp turbo four. In contrast, the S3 has a 306-hp variant of the same engine, despite the three vehicles having the same base, interior proportions, and many other identical characteristics. 

Pricing of 2022 Audi RS3

Starting at slightly under $60,000, the 2022 RS3 comes with limited choices. The summer tires offered as an option, the Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R, are what we would advise choosing above the other packages, which are primarily aesthetic. 

Performance of 2022 Audi RS3


Its odd five-cylinder engine is one of the RS3’s most distinctive features. Due to its unusual number of cylinders, it has a typical thrumming noise that was especially enjoyable in the previous model. The newest model is still a 2.5-liter turbocharged engine, but it now has 401 horsepower. The machine is mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that downshifts purposefully with mild throttle inputs but acts more subtly under severe braking. An all-wheel-drive system with torque vectoring and a drift mode is included as standard.  

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Unfortunately, it takes commitment and can be hard to sustain to get the RS3’s tail to kick out. The sportiest 3 includes improved brakes, a firmer suspension system, and a unique set of wheels with stickier performance tires than the less sporty A3 and S3. The RS3 we drove made thrilling noises, and the racetrack made clear how fierce the vehicle was. Additionally, it was calm and pleasant when being driven slowly on public routes. At our test track, the RS3 surpassed the quarter-mile mark in only 11.8 seconds at 117 mph, and we recorded an astonishingly rapid 3.3-second run to 60 mph. 

Mileage – Fuel Economy of 2022 Audi RS3

The 2022 RS3 has a 20 mpg city rating and a 28 mpg highway rating. The RS3 surpassed its EPA estimate with a 33 mpg score on our 75 mph fuel-economy route as part of our rigorous testing process. 

Interior of 2022 Audi RS3

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The RS3’s interior is identical to the A3 and S3, although its front seats are more heavily bolstered. All models of Audi come with a dashboard that is everything from boring. The driver’s side and the instrument panel binnacle, which has a set of digital instruments, are flanked by a pair of high-mounted air vents. A heads-up display is also available for the RS3. Climate controls with physical buttons are located below the centre touchscreen, and a bin beneath them is part of the centre console. Unfortunately, a strange, stubby shifter is required for gear selection; once the RS3 moves, paddle shifters on the steering wheel provide an option. 

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Infotainment of 2022 Audi RS3

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The RS3’s touchscreen 10.1-inch display is situated in the centre of the dashboard and is based on the infotainment system used by the A3 and S3. It may be controlled through touch inputs, buttons on the steering wheel, and voice commands. Additionally offered are wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Additionally available are built-in navigation, a Wi-Fi hotspot with a subscription model, and wireless phone charging. 


It makes an exciting sensation to own one by penning down almost all the specs of this beast. From wild performance to quite a good luxury inside, this four-wheeler is ideal. Stay tuned to Auto Tech Portal for more automobile-related content.  


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