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[Solved] I have to buy a car before diwali 2021, Pleaser suggest me from xuv700 or alcazar

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Hello, so I want to buy a 7 seater car, firstly i booked alcazar last month(base model, automatic),  but then i heard about XUV700, then i thought i should wait, and cancelled the alcazar booking, after looking at XUV's models, i think AX5 suits me, but i have to buy before diwali or on diwali, so should i wait for the XUV or go for alcazar, i also looked at safari but, the model with good features in it is way too pricey, and i think its a little overpriced, also I am buying this car just for city use, i already have a fortuner 2018 model and a Honda civic 2019, so i need something smooth and good for city ride and sometimes, like very rarely to go on long tour(mostly delhi to agra, or jalandhar)

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Posted : 24/09/2021 3:58 pm
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Mahindra is facing shortage in supplies of Semi conductors due to restrictions of Covid 19 and because of that there’s a slight delay in launch of XUV700, but mahindra is keen to launch it by the upcoming festive season which will start from 7th October i.e. Navratri, so you should at least wait till then because bookings can commence anytime soon and Mahindra wouldn’t want to miss this festive season. And one more suggesting that if you are looking for a secondary car why not go for an Electric.

Posted : 25/09/2021 11:56 am
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 This post is extremely helpful for me. I really appreciate your kindness in sharing this with me and everyone else!


Posted : 28/02/2022 9:10 pm
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It’s not bad stuff for buy

Posted : 21/04/2022 9:23 pm